about us

Big Up to the Bredda’s.

Both of them. Blessed. Jamaica’s kiss touched two brothers – breddas in Jamaican, apart for way too long. One under the island’s sunny skies — the other rooted in the windy city. Ease up, everything cook an curry now. Executive Chef Chris Douglas made the long journey from Jamaica to the city by the lake… and brought the family recipes with him. Joined by Chicago native, brother Terry Meghie, and his wife Carrie, a partnership was formed to launch the first Mr. Brown’s Lounge in 2009.

Authentic Jamaican dishes, culture and nightlife.
You will be left feeling happy, or irie as Jamaicans might say. Respect to the breddas for Mr. Brown’s Lounge, when an escape to Jamaica is much needed and well deserved. Much love.

What’s in a name…
Who is Mr Brown? I wanna know now! He is nowhere to be found…
From Mandeville to Sligoville, coffin runnin’ around, upsetting, upsetting, upsetting the town, Asking for Mr Brown…

Jamaican lore set to Bob Marley and the Wailers’ reggae beat in 1970’s release of “Mr. Brown”. The song tells the tale of a duppy, or ghost, traveling the land on a three wheeled coffin in the company of three John crows (vultures). It seems that one of the crows could speak, but only kept asking for a Mr. Brown.

You will too, nuh true?